How type comes together in visual design.

Different A-Z fonts
Different A-Z fonts
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When users land on a web page or mobile application they scan content, seek valuable information, and eventually accomplish tasks. When the text is legible and readable, the user is guided along a path to perform an action or receive feedback. A good understanding of typography in design improves visual communication and the user’s experience.

Typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader. Typography involves font style, appearance, and structure, which aims to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages.

Team Capstone project for the Cowrywise Design Fund Program: Product Design Track

Overview of the solution
Overview of the solution
Overview of the solution

Project Duration: Six (6) weeks

Role: User Research, UX Design, Visual Design.

Team: Ijeoma, Hilda, Urenna


In many societies today, women face bias and discrimination when accessing financial services. Unequal gender roles have made women more vulnerable to a lack of basic financial needs such as credit, insurance, or payments.

Gender plays a significant role in formal financial inclusion.

To get a better understanding of the problem space, we conducted secondary research and discovered that:

Globally, women are more likely to work in informal employment and low-paid or undervalued jobs due to various socio-economic reasons. Therefore, access…

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Designing a relevant user experience involves understanding what users need. People use products, therefore a solid understanding of the users will guide your team along the design process and help them make user-centric and data-informed design decisions that improve the user’s experience.

Week 4 and 5 of my Product Design journey with Cowrywise and Àșà Coterie involved taking a deep dive into user research and user data analysis. I’ll be highlighting what I learned during the process.

What is User Research?

User Research represents the insights gathered from users and customers that are leveraged to help make product decisions at any stage of the…

The importance of psychology in the UX design process and its role in improving user experience.

Rubik’s cube
Rubik’s cube
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Creating intuitive human-centered solutions means understanding what users need. Beautiful pixel-perfect designs are not enough to produce a positive experience for the users. As designers, we need to start from the users, understand their pain points, behaviors, and motivations, use these insights to discover their needs, and generate solutions that are tailored to those needs.

Week 3 of my Product Design training with Cowrywise had a guest lecture by Fungi Dube, a brand and visual identity graphic designer. …

An overview of the importance of a problem statement in the UX Design process.

Blank sticky notes and a pen.
Blank sticky notes and a pen.
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Designing a product involves understanding your users and their needs to create a meaningful and relevant experience. Defining the design problem way before generating potential solutions is crucial in the design process as it allows design teams to develop user-centered solutions that are achievable.

A problem statement is a clear description of the issue (problem) which also includes a vision and methods used to make ways into solving the problem.

Guenbae “GB” Lee.

Problem statements serve as a tool for design teams to identify users’…

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